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Project YO

Mission Statement: Providing youth everywhere with the opportunity to reach success! Project YO (Youth Opportunities) is a program our team has set up in partnership with Ontario Works, to help at-risk youth in the Durham Region community cross the bridge over to college, stay in college and become successful college students. Our goal is to ensure that every individual who signs up with Project YO is provided with the resources they need to make the best of their time during their post-secondary education career. Our mission statement is to “provide youth everywhere with the opportunity to reach success”. We also provide a network of mentors and coaches to help them along the way. Through our regular program, we are showing youth the value in attending post-secondary school and helping to change their lives for the better!

YO Gov'na

Name: Justin Pantaleo

Program: Marketing Administration


A Message From YO Gov'na

My name is Justin Pantaleo and I am the Project Manager for Enactus DC’s Project YO. Currently in my final year of Durham College’s Marketing Administration program and obsessed with digital and content marketing. I understand that hardships of many youth in the Durham Region which inspires me to work hard at creating a better future for them through Project YO.


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Opportunity Optimists

Position Deets
  • Organize monthly events
  • Support mentors
  • Stay up to date with community events to co-ordinate with mentors

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Position Deets
  • Support student / encourage involvement
  • Plan monthly inter-student interactions
  • Monkey in the middle (aid students and project staffs needs as the come up)

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